Jen Halterman on the Air
Jen Halterman
Director of Chaos, Artist,
Essence Whisperer & Bohemian Gypsy
Have you ever lived with a lie for so long that when it was called out you faught to deny the truth of it?

I did this recently when a lie that I began believing when I was child was revealed.

What did I do about this situation? I wrote about it!

Read "
Better Off Dead" for the details.
Are you ready to Lighten Up?
Remember your Essence and Let Go of the lies you have been told?
Laugh More and Love Like Crazy?
Embrace Your Weird?
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With Love and Laughter
 PS I don't like labels so the words I use to describe myself and what I am   currently involved in change often! It is a part of embracing part of my Essence; Free Spirit!